Google News – The Center of Information

Indeed, Google Inc. has become one of the biggest source of information nowadays with features like Google news. This feature provides a compilation of the latest updates from countless websites that are using automated aggregation algorithm. Moreover, it covers more than 40 regions with diverse languages.

When browsing news using this feature, you’ll find out that there is a portion of 200 characters on the front page and the succeeding part of articles are viewed on the given link. It can hold an article in a length of 30 days and a notice is shown under the article for any websites that needs subscription.

Some of the IP addresses of this service are blacklisted and other countries can’t access it. This is due to several copyright issues that Google got confronted with when this new feature was released. More details please

But amidst its drawbacks, the service continuous to provide the reader quality search categorized based on the time and date of published. Even the updates can be customized. Email alerts are also provided by the request of readers catering them the latest information available. You may remove a certain category and choose from whatever news you prefer and maintain them. This is because it uses RSS, a web feed that is supported by the service.

Google news also introduced an advance search which allows you to search updates and records ranging from photographs, films and videotapes through historical archive dated 200 years now. A timeline access is also given that allows you to browse articles on specific dates or periods in particular. An archive allows you to view scanned newspapers by using its indexed content.

It is also said that Google does not use human contact in terms of its new article selection, because it uses its own software which is also one of the reasons why the company is faced with lots of controversies.

Although Google has to deal with the controversy, it is still favored by other users because when you explore news articles you are guaranteed to find a dependable site that provides thorough information.

Today, people can have easy access to the latest information with the help of providers such as Google news. In this fast-paced time, people would always go after a fast and easy way of acquiring what they need.

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