For Great Advice on New Phones in the Market – It’s Mobile Phone News – For Plans, Here’s a Free One

If you are looking for great advice on new technology and mobile phones in the marketplace, check out cell phone and mobile phone news sites on the web. They give up-to-date information on the latest droid phones, apps, 3G and 4G technology, phone reviews and what’s going on in the cell phone industry.

For advice on cell phone plans there are a lot of places to go for information. Check out comparison cell phone plan sites online, and articles from Consumer Reports and American Consumer News. As the author of this article, I have done a lot of homework on what are the cheapest and best mobile phone plans out there. Here is what I have found: For the money, Metro PCS offers the least expensive unlimited minute plans at $40 dollars per month. The downside here is that outside many of the major cities it is hard to get service. As far as pay-as-you go or prepaid plans, you can get a $10 dollar phone card from T-Mobile, but the rate per minute is pretty high. If you get a $20 dollar card the rate goes down. There is a chance to get a free plan, though. More details please

T-Mobile has teamed up with a smaller company to offer customers a free unlimited minutes plan if you can refer three customers. In addition to this, a budding entrepreneur can even start his or her own virtual cell phone store and get in on the lucrative cell phone market. There are a lot of great deals out there on phones and plans. Just do a little homework and you will find what you are looking for.

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