Latest Soccer News – Spain Reached the Top of FIFA World Ranking

Latest soccer news shows Spain had made it on top of FIFA World Ranking. Spain as the new leading team at the FIFA World Ranking made it to the rank when it won at the European Championship. Argentina who holds the lead had dropped the rank as number six.

The Spanish soccer team started in the 4th place with Euro 2008 and was able to gain 254 points. The points gained by the team had taken them to leap at the top rank which surpasses Brazil, Italy and Argentina.

In addition, the Italians who were able to reach quarter finals Euro 2008 successively move up on second place and respectively, Germany leaped twice in the spot and made it at third place.

Surprisingly, the most who made a big leap in the rank is the Netherlands teams which dramatically climb from the tenth place to fifth place. Croatia also gained seventh place from fifteenth place.

Here are the teams who made it on the Top 10 Rank as of July 2, 2008

1. Spain
2. Italy
3. Germany
4. Brazil
5. Netherlands
6. Argentina
7. Croatia
8. Czech Republic
9. Portugal
10. France

With Spain’s present rank, excitement arise as whom’s team will grab the number one spot from Spain. This will be a very crucial time for the Spanish team, where all eyes will be for them, to hold their spot. Everyone can be sure that this will be a much awaited by fans of Spain and surely be an exciting game for the millions of soccer fans. More action packed and exciting news to come soon.

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