Format For Writing a Newspaper Article – How to Write a News Article

Do you want to write articles for a newspaper? Then, it’s important that you know the acceptable format that you need to use. Read on to get more information:

1. Kick-start your news articles by writing eye-catching headlines. Remember, you’re only allowed to use limited number of words so make the most out of it. Pick those words that can help you communicate the gist of your content. Then, use the element of surprise or controversy so you can get your audience to open and read your articles. It’s very important for you to make your headlines powerful otherwise, your articles will remain unread. You don’t want that to happen, right? More details please visit:-

2. After writing an attention-grabbing headline, the next thing to do is to write your first paragraph which is the most important part of your article. This is the only part where you tell your audience the juiciest or the most important information. Tell them exactly what happened, the names of the people involved (make sure that you spell them right), how the incident happened and how it ended, and where it happened. It’s okay if your lead paragraph contains more than 200 words. What’s more important is that you’re able to tell your readers everything they need to know on this part. This will help you in making sure that you’ll still be able to inform these people even if they don’t have the time to read your articles in their entirety.

3. Article body. This is where you put the not-so important information or supporting details and quotes from people who have witnessed or who are involved in the situation.

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