Recession News, Economy Blues – What to Do “When the Fig Tree Does Not Blossom” Habakkuk 3:17

Media headlines: “Fallout from the economy could…”; “latest job market stats show…”; “the housing market is…”worldwide hunger..”

Economic speculations demand the attention readers and hearers. The citizenry is worried; the messages are somber.

Survival Strategy Skills are Needed: Take Time to Pray As You Start Your Day Part One

When you are in the situation of the fig tree not blossoming, the key is calming your soul.

  • Many thoughts are going to bombard you from the moment your eyes open especially if your alarm clock awakens you to all-news radio. In order to give yourself half a chance of getting head of the curve of negative thoughts, it is necessary to enter into the dimension of the Lord’s Grace and Economy. There are no limits to either and you’ll need both to withstand the stress of living through a Recession.1. Choose your topics wisely. Remember, you should only be writing about newsworthy and current stories that your target readers will find interesting. In any given day, there are a lot of stories that you can write but choose only those that will grab your audience by the throat. More details please visit:-

When you bring your mind into the element of God’s power you’ll become aware of His Grace; it is an awesome thankfulness.

  • “Father God, thank you father in heaven for who you are; I thank you that you are my shepherd, and I shall not want (means shall not lack), your name is hallowed and worthy to be praised; from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, your name is to be praised, so I praise you”

Habakkuk, an Old Testament “minor prophet” wrote verse 17 of chapter three after he had sought God; he was asking serious questions regarding some serious issues, rather like today’s problems.

  • But he was able to say with assurance after being present in the realm of the Lord’s grace and economy, that even if things get so bad that the fig tree does not blossom, he would joy in the God of his salvation.
  • You can continue your meditation with Psalm 23 that contains a verse similar in soul quieting, “He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.”

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