Gripping Documentary Television – “Vanguard” and Its New Approach to News

It doesn’t take very long to get news fatigued when watching television, especially if you’re navigating the hundreds of channels on satellite TV and stuck in the section where talking head after talking head is offering the same soundbite opinion on everything from the economy to global warming. And in an age of faster and faster information, it seems that traditional standards of journalism–with beat reporters and those who are well versed in the subjects they cover–have fallen by the wayside to large-font headlines and a general desire to grab the already attention-deficit minds of most who have been raised on quick-cuts in commercials and zooming angles in sports matches.

However, there’s no reason to give up entirely on how television manages to present the news, nor is there a reason to automatically dislike everything that utilizes the new powers of the internet. There are even a few shows out there that are matching the benefits of reporting from just about anywhere with the more traditional in-depth look at a story that reporters actually get to spend time with, and the results are some of the most informative and engaging news stories of the past couple of years.

At the forefront of this new news movement that is making satellite TV a lot more educational when it comes to current events is, of course, Current TV. A channel that was founded with the mission of providing more news, especially on subjects that were often ignored by the mainstream media, but with a sense of journalistic integrity that transcends party affiliations, Current has accomplished their goal with the program “Vanguard.” And of course, the tech angle is always present, since without affordable and portable HD cameras, many of these news stories wouldn’t have been made in the first place.

Unlike other news programs on satellite TV where everything is sensationalized and the real stories are often buried or ignored, “Vanguard” manages to net correspondents from all over the world who have a real first-person view of what they are covering, as well as great abilities with editing and production. Whether it’s a look at lobster fishing in Nicaragua, the impact of droughts around the world, or the current state of the economy, “Vanguard” manages to put a fresh spin on topics that have been covered while delivering those that have never received their time on the air. Currently in season three, the show is still one of the best sources for truly engaging news reporting anywhere on your satellite tv dial, and its stories have made big waves in the world of reporting, both traditional and new media.

“Vanguard” even made front page news just about everywhere when two of their correspondents were detained in North Korea after allegations of spying, when what they were actually doing was working on a piece about human trafficking. It took Bill Clinton having talks with the leader of North Korea to get two young journalists released, and the story was a huge part of mainstream news coverage for at least a week.

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