Peanut Butter Protein Bars – The Latest Recall News

Over the last two-months, many bodybuilders and healthy-diet enthusiasts globally have been traumatized by the vast amount of peanut butter recalls in the news. Our peanut protein bars and handfuls of raw nuts are a dietary lifestyle choice, not always just a quick snack that can be replaced easily on a whim.

Today, mid-February 2009, here is the latest on the protein bar fiasco, and recalls:

Labrada Peanut Butter Protein Bars are safe to eat!

The Labrada protein bar choices that have nuts in them are safe to eat. Not one person anywhere has had an illness related to this brand – including this great tasting flavor.

Lee Labrada is a former Mr. Universe who developed a line of high-quality protein bar choices that are scientifically designed to give extreme benefits to those engaged in lifestyle choices that include daily strenuous exercise routines. More details please

The supplement protein bar home Internet site is explaining that the peanuts used in their protein bars were not purchased from the one manufacturer who is making everybody sick. In true high-quality, this supplement Corporation explains in user-friendly details that they are not among this particular nutritional bar flavor being recalled over the current peanut butter related salmonella fears.

The supplement site goes on to explain that peanut butter protein bars are not the only peanut item being recalled now. The United States Food and Drug Administration [FDA] is now recalling all products made from whole peanuts that were supplied through this erring Georgia manufacturer too over the last 2-years.

Upon hearing this mid-February 2009 news, this supplement Corporation voluntarily took one peanut item off of the market that has nuts supplied from a different source than their main supplier that they use for their popular flavored protein bars. Healthy lifestyle enthusiasts are asked not to eat their Rockin Roll nut-log style of protein bars that have either whole or half nuts in them.

In my opinion, this Corporation is doing a much better job in supplying information to the public about this particular flavored protein bar recall. There are over 400 companies with over 1,700 products that have been touched by this recall, and this Company shines among its competitors. Labrada Nutrition Bars are not made with tainted nuts. Only one nut-log was voluntarily taken off of the shelves, and they was not forced to remove this item in any way.

I am personally very impressed with this company for having healthy products while others around them do not, for supplying information to the public while not asked to do so, and for their efforts in losing money by volunteering to remove the one nut-roll bar that was not provided for by the main supplier that has a good clean product to sell. Labrada Protein Bar products, and their suppliers have one the highest quality controls in the supplement industry.

Labrada Protein Bars come in a variety of styles that are designed for different body needs. Within these styles, there are a lot of different kinds of nutty flavors to choose from: Oatmeal Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and even Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter all in the same protein bar. For those looking for a taste-treat after their next workout, I recommend this supplement brand not only for their great tasting nutrition bars, but also for their extremely high quality control.

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