Pretty Vintage Style – Vintage Formal Dress Is in the News

Vintage is the fascination for many who would like to drape fashion of the past era and blend it with something new to compliment the dress to its very best. Vintage style dresses for wedding and Vintage prom dress is the big news for the season. It is time now to raid your grandma’s closet for some old Vintage fashion found to be acquiring its place somewhere between the other dresses. What was earlier collecting dust is now out into the fashion world, liked the most and most importantly innovated with design, embellishments and cuts that look just perfect as a prom dress.

The styles matching Vintage fashion of olden times are known for their versatility and how designers are innovating it today. With celebrities wearing Vintage prom dresses, this has helped the fashion stylist to bring in more of the Vintage curve in styles for Prom.

“Vintage formal fashion is soon gaining its recognition and is chosen and moving in close to the other competitors selling high street fashion.”- Andy Anand, dress designer for Prom and wedding.

Vintage has been popular to the extent that Frankie Johns has just undergone a major extension to his vintage shop named ‘Urban’ in The Custard Factory, Digbeth. More details please visit:-

Online styles include classic ball prom gowns and most popular empire waistline dresses for a royal look. Shoppers get classic glamour in the romantic cuts and the ever achievable sexy appeal in vintage with higher fronts and lower hemlines at the back to give a new dimension to their dressing sense. Best suited attires, also known as ‘New Vintage’ have mesmerizing silhouettes and are mostly longer in lengths. New arrival Vintage prom dresses come in collar style inspired design combinations that matches to the trend. The spring and summer special column design Vintage collection has wholesale dresses along with the A-liners in the exclusive range of formal fashion.

With an increase in the overall reputation and the Glam World draping Vintage fashion, the thrift shops, custom clothing stores and consignment shops have the easy way out through Vintage prom dresses in stock from shops that have closed or consigned by individuals. Such shops have aligned themselves with boutiques and stores that give away excess dresses for wedding and Prom. There is a demand of Vintage styles so they have included most of them.

Just when Zooey Deschanel, Paloma Faith, and bands like Kasabian are promoting Vintage formal dresses, why would you lag behind. Explore styles that are more versatile from taffeta fabric double layered gowns, pick up gathering in a ball gown silhouetted and anything with a gorgeous silhouette. You can be sure of having a Vintage dress that is not just a dress that calls for a definite purchase but also something that has innovation in it.

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