ADHD and Fish Oil Studies – Good News

Here is good news for those who have loved ones suffering from ADHD. Fish oil studies have indicated that there is now a natural alternative that may just provide ADHD patients with the ultimate in nutritional health.

Studies into both ADHD and fish oil have found what appears to be a link that connects the two together. There is promising finding that give hope that taking a fish oil capsule everyday might just help people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) – both children and adults.

ADHD is the inability of a child or adult to concentrate on a certain situation or task for a prolonged period of time. Symptoms of ADHD include impulsive, disruptive behaviour along with hyperactivity. About 7% of children in the US, mostly boys, are believed to be inflicted with some form of ADHD, although some folks of the older generation say it is simply that kids will be kids. More details please visit:-

Today, the best-known medication for ADHD sufferers is the drug called Ritalin. It is thought to be effective in alleviating ADHD symptoms. However, it has been found that this drug, like most drugs, has the potential for side effects and possible health risks in some individuals, especially in younger children who take drugs on a regular basis. Thus, any possible natural health food that might help ADHD would be well appreciated by these patients and their loved ones.

The link between omega 3 and ADHD

Studies conducted on ADHD sufferers have found that many ADHD patients have a few things in common – one of which is their extremely low levels of two omega 3 fatty acids, namely DHA and EPA. These two fatty acids have long been known to be important components in the fats found in the brain.

ADHD and fish oil studies have established this link

Many studies on fish oil for ADHD treatment have been performed in the past decade, and all these are adding to the mounting information that indicates fish oils may indeed be beneficial to people with ADHD. Omega 3 health foods are not a replacement for any medicine of course, but they are good nutrition “brain food” and your doctor will tell you that eating right and exercising are always important to your health.

One study conducted at the Inflammation Research Foundation on 9 subjects with ADHD found that at the end of 8 weeks of fish oil supplementation, the EPA and DHA levels in the children had increased significantly, along with a decrease in symptoms of ADHD. These are unique individual results and not typical or guaranteed, but what could it hurt to try this health food with the blessing of your doctor and see if it might help you too?

A separate study conducted at the University of Oxford in England has found that lack of these polyunsaturated fatty acids is believed to contribute to the development of ADHD and dyslexia. Clinical studies on schoolchildren found that giving them fish oil supplements rich in omega 3 fatty acids for three months showed significant improvements in their behaviour, as well as their reading and spelling skills. Individual results will vary with every individual but many doctors are now telling their patients to give fish oil a try too.

Children and adults with ADHD are seeking every possible means to help them live a normal, healthy life. Fish oil supplements are one of the most natural health foods that can potentially help with ADHD. Omega 3 fatty acids can help promote healthy brain function and improve behaviour in some individuals, without the scary side effects that some drugs may have.

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