Solar Energy & Solar Panels Make Breathtaking News Around the World

Yesterday was a wonderful day for solar panels as we watched Solar Impulse make the news around the world after a 26 hour pioneering flight entirely powered by solar energy.

Solar Power Is The Future The concept that future travel will one day be powered by the sun is a sound one as we continue to create more advanced panels that collect more of the sun’s energy. At the same time we are also learning to use energy more efficiently and it is only a matter of time when virtually all our energy needs will be met by the sun.

Energy & The Home Recent research shows the majority of homeowners are in a state of confusion about the use of panels in their home to save energy costs. To dispel the myths and set the record straight here are a few facts about solar panels: More details please visit:-

  • A Panel Installation can add as much as 10% to the value of your home;
  • A Panel Installation can reduce your energy bills by 100%;
  • You can sell excess energy you create to your Energy Company and they pay you each quarter;
  • Panels create energy in all weathers and climates.

With energy costs soaring, more and more homeowners are looking to alternatives sources of energy to save money.

Find out If Your Home Is Suitable For A Solar Panel Installation Organizing a solar survey for your property is the starting point to changing the way you use energy and may well be the smartest investment you are likely to make for some time. Whilst energy costs have been going through the roof in recent years the cost of solar panel production has dropped dramatically. These factors combined with advances in solar technology have now made it the perfect time to get a solar survey for your property.

It may be that your property is entirely unsuitable for a solar installation or that a solar installation would only help with some of your energy needs. It may also be that an installation will not only meet your energy needs but is also likely to give you come cash each quarter.

The only way you can find out is to book a free solar survey. You should note that most solar companies are able to do an initial solar survey of your property using online resources without the need to disturb you or visit your property.

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