As Seen on TV Fever in a Supposedly Responsible News Market – Part II of II

My immediate folks argue “but why the TV stations would ever condone such practices?” and I usually throw “because of the unspoken ethic shift in their programming”

TV programs used to be the gateway in the community where they operate, allowing services and businesses to interact and collaborate. Cases of families trapped in strains of modern life that used TV programming to babysitting their toddlers are abundant.

Today whenever these bogus ads are aired, the damage is viral and before you know you have already spent money just gone forever. Today on most venues a Class action lawsuit would fit in mass scams orchestrated with the complicity of major TV networks. Go online and find out any advertised stuff that seems too good to be true and find out how many folks are complaining over their scams under forms of a “bait & switch”.

TV ads would do better stating that “To get started user(s) must pay for the service” as such information is not disclosed upfront until you give up your E-mail and date of birth, age and zip code -feeding them with prime info they will simply use to disclose, with a price tag, your information when someone else is searching for you” it’s no different than those scams where users think they’re being served while, unknowingly, they’re building the very substance purported to work for them…Now you know the trick, you still don’t believe the hype? Try it entering FALSE information so when they think they “gotcha” you’re sure all they have is junk… but wait, same junk will then be served to the next one coming to “use” the service as they will be served with the information you gave up about yourself while pretending to use the service…”GOTCHA”

Knowing the rationale and explaining others is a way to help reduce the drama over who is searching who.

Bottom line: are you suspicious of being Googled?.. Are you aware that trying it to know about who is searching for you, by the same token you are offering yourself to being googled?

The best way to network safe and free is to go at a reduced speed through all those social networking tools around and counting every once a while…

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