News Flash: Humankind Is Evolving!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Eckhart Tolle’s books, one of which was included in Oprah’s Book Club a few years ago, with 3.5 million people reading it together and discussing it over the internet! And I’m sure you’ve heard of The Secret (book and DVD) that millions were talking about just a few years ago….

So what’s going on? Why all this recent interest in these spiritual, even esoteric, topics?

The easiest way to explain it is that humankind is undergoing a sea change – a massive growth spurt in our consciousness, our awareness. We are evolving once again! You didn’t REALLY think we, as a species, were finished evolving, did you?

In this case though, instead of walking more upright or experiencing an industrial or technological revolution, we’re experiencing an expansion of our consciousness.

So what does that mean? Well, we as human beings are learning to differentiate between our ego (or personality or mind) and our soul (or inner knowing, internal GPS, spirit, Holy-Spirit-within, higher self).

We’re learning to listen more readily to our soul’s desires (our internal GPS, which is one and the same with divine will), and to listen more skeptically to our ego’s (mind’s) desires. And in doing so, we are choosing to live more from our essence, our divinely-created nature.

So, you might ask, “How do I know if I’m listening to my ego (mind) or my soul (internal GPS)?” Well, you would be in good company, for this is the million-dollar question!

First, please refer to another article titled “Your Internal GPS”. Second, here are a few tips for discerning which aspect of you is speaking:

Your ego speaks loudly and demands to be heard; your soul speaks softly, quietly, and is willing to pipe down if asked to.

  • Your ego demands; your soul suggests.
  • Your ego shouts; your soul whispers.
  • Your ego threatens, cajoles, wheedles, whines; your soul reminds, offers, gently nudges.
  • Your ego panics; your soul accepts.
  • Your ego distorts, manipulates, dramatizes; your soul reflects, guides, simplifies.
  • Your ego convinces, bargains, sugarcoats; your soul encourages, asks thoughtfully, presents truthfully.

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