Ex With Someone Else? Find Out Why That’s Good News For You!

Breakups are hard enough…but when you find out your ex is with someone else, it makes matters feel even worse. But does rebound dating mean they don’t love you anymore?

Absolutely not! As a matter of fact, it’s a good sign. People get involved in a rebound relationship because they’re trying to escape dealing with the pain of their last relationship ending. It’s not that they don’t care…it’s that they care a little too much, and it’s uncomfortable.

Basically, your ex is dating this person in order to deal with the pain of losing you. Which means that there’s still a chance that you can repair the relationship and get back with your ex.

This is not the time to keep score, or make lists of who did what to whom and who is at fault. The point is, there are still feelings involved on both sides. And those feelings can be fanned back into a flame.

Because when you care about someone deeply, it takes more than a breakup or even a new relationship to make those feelings go away. Love may change sometimes, but it never truly dies.

The rebound guy or gal isn’t your replacement. They are your ex’s distraction. Their purpose is to keep your ex from thinking about you…which means they are likely your total opposite. For example, if you’re a sporty active person, the rebound prefers more intellectual pursuits. If you like to paint, the rebound likes to race cars. That sort of thing.

Before you start worrying and comparing yourself to the new partner, think about this…you’re not the only one comparing. Your ex went out of their way to choose someone unlike you, and because of that they can’t help but compare the two of you. And here’s something else…you get the chance to really understand what your ex is looking for.

The qualities the rebound has are something your ex felt was missing when you tow were together. Now you can use this opportunity to expand your personal horizons a bit and do some self-improvement work on yourself.

A rebound romance generally fizzles pretty fast. Keep out of their way and focus on you. As the excitement wanes, your ex will be thinking about you more and more.

After a while your ex is going to realize that they they miss you. If they want to get together to talk, make sure you keep the rebound off-topic (unless your ex brings it up). Don’t make them feel bad about dating someone else…just stay open to the possibility of getting back together and leaving the past behind.




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