Finally Good News For Fido and His Dog Allergies

Dog allergies and other allergies are often blamed on dogs and parents sometimes rightfully so, worry about getting a dog. Dogs also bring allergens like pollen into the household and require more vacuuming and cleaning to be done inside the house. A recent study has found that exposing small children to dogs might actually be positive in terms of allergies.

A recent German study of 9,000 children over a 6 year period came to the conclusion that children who have a dog in their home were less sensitive to allergens. Its unclear as to why children with dogs may suffer from fewer allergies. Many theorize that dogs help children develop their immune system by exposing them to more bacteria. Family lifestyle and behavior could also be the reason children of dog owners suffer fewer allergies. More details please visit:- ไทลินอล ペアーズ メッセージ

Its possible that dog owners live more active lives or spend more time outdoors compared to people without dogs. Some similar studies have shown that cats also have a positive effect on young children and allergen sensitivity. The exact reason would of course require more study but so far it appears that pets maybe a allergy buster for some young children.

This does not mean that everyone should have a pet or that pets are right for every family as many pets are purchased in haste and become neglected do to the time commitment they require. At least those families who are considering buying a family pet might now be able to look at allergies as a possible positive and not just worry about dog allergies.

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