Shocking News About Male Depression

While much is said about various anxiety and mental disorders, depression is one of the most common. While men are wired differently than women, they can also suffer from the effects of depression while not even recognizing the signs of the illness. This no doubt is due to the need to be well connected and to your emotional side. Depression can impact your body, mood, and even thoughts.

Depression, left to its own can develop serious symptoms and side effects while working its way into every part of your life. A depression disorder is not something that can be ignored or hope it goes away. It also usually cannot be treated simply with medication but requires ongoing treatment and support to keep it under control.

Over twice as many women as men are diagnosed with depression. This may be due to the fact that men typically are more focused on physical symptoms than the nuances of their emotional state. This is not to suggest that women actually suffer more depression, only that the illness and men goes untreated, much more often. It’s accepted as fact that those diagnosed are a small pool of the total number of people actually suffering from the disorder. So while almost 18 million people are diagnosed with depression, it suggested that many more are living day to day with the illness. More details please visit:-

Although as stated, twice as many women are diagnosed with depression, men are four times more likely to commit suicide due to the depressive state. This isn’t surprising given that men, starting in adolescence, are far more likely than women to take their own lives. While women in general may attempt suicide, more often, men are much more likely to be successful in their efforts.

Although many professional theories exist to explain this fact, one factor may be the tendency to move from thoughts of suicide to action is much faster and men than women. During the time leading up to an actual suicide, men are all so much less likely to exhibit the warning signs such as open discussion of suicide than women.

Depression Symptoms May Include

1. Interest in Sex

2. Talk of suicide

3. A sense of Hopelessness

4. Fatigue

5. Restlessness and Irritability

6. Loss of Interest in life’s pleasures

7. Constant Feelings of Sadness or Emptiness

They also appear to be much more susceptible to do depression triggered by the work place. This isn’t surprising given the fact that many men associate, who they are with what they do. When what they do is perceived as being threatened, a crisis can be triggered. The Mayo Clinic has suggested that related job stress may be a common cause of male depression

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