Make Your Company Newsworthy – 10 Steps to Achieve Your Media Coverage Dreams

Many company owners believe that just because they have a great idea or like something that everyone will automatically want to hear about it. Unfortunately this isn’t how public relations works. Plus, most people don’t care about you or your company … so find out what they do care about!

The good news is that with a little practice and a bit of luck, most any idea can be made newsworthy:

1. Make your news current and interesting.

Make a calendar full of all the interesting dates that you can link your company or products to. You can also tie this to news from related industries. This will help you connect to a larger story. Usually this holiday or related industries twist won’t make it automatically newsworthy, but it makes it better. More details please

For example, don’t pitch a reporter on your spa. Instead, pitch the spa on father’s day and tell about your men’s package and how a spa treatment for guys is the fastest growing segment of your business.

2. Make your news appealing to a target demographic.

When you tell the media about your news, make sure that it fits a specific demographic. This will help the editor properly assign a reporter to learn more.

3. Write your news release clearly and concisely

A reporter or assignment editor will likely spend less than 10 seconds reading your email or Fax. Make sure that in those fleeting moments that you convey the important details – especially why the editor and her audience should care.

4. Include pictures if possible

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes this will sell the story more than anything else. If you can’t show something from this year, include a picture of last year’s event.

5. Spell check your news release

If you have obvious spelling mistakes, it looks clear to the reader that you don’t care and this will make them less likely to care as well.

6. Include information on where they can learn more.

Include the email, phone and of course your website within the news release. Additionally, if you have a store or the news is about an event then make sure they know where you are located and any parking or transportation issues that may apply.

7. Distribute your news only to appropriate media and personnel.

Sending your news to everyone at your local TV station isn’t going to help you. This will only annoy people who you want to be your allies when you need them. Also, make sure that each email is individually addressed or someone may ignore it, thinking that someone else is going to respond.

8. Archive your news.

Keep all your news together in one place on your site, maybe in a “press” or “news” section. When researching stories, reporters will want to see what other items of interest your company has created.

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