Integrity of Internet and Print media

Media owns its perpetual existence from time immemorial,
It seems to stretch itself to the horizon to merge with the infinite. With novel technical innovations it assumes different forms and will continue undoubtfully with its immortal existence with the growing yearn for a glimpse of in formations and changes; a twin with news from the womb of occurrences. The most common form of media is the print media, which exists from the age-old times, and the electronic media, which could be termed as one of the offshoots of digital revolution that science, and technology has humanity gifted with.

Since the print media owes its emergence to antiquity it is subjected to physicality which involves a lot of materials like wood pulp and plastic in its making, whereas the electronic media is digitally designed. The advent of the Internet as the word implies its meaning ‘international networking’ suggests effective news transmission. A new day dawned without a newspaper fails in commencing with the striking of the right chord. The intervention of the Internet is not that good a deterrent so as to curb the circulation of the existing newspapers and not to ignore, the birth of new ones. In fact newspaper reading could be termed as an undying habit

The mushrooming of news portals on the Internet has resulted in the instantaneous accessibility to the readers. Fresh updates of details keeps the readers well informed of the current occurrences. Another vital factor is that the news portals are not subjugated to space restraint where as the print media is bound to a crisp display of facts owing to the space occupied by the advertisements, as they owe their existence to them excepting a few well-established ones. The print media has to also watch out on its accuracy, as immediate revision is not possible. On the other hand the news portals enjoys flexibility in the revision of the content.

The news portals succeeds in luring viewer ship owing to the display of many a good colorful images which has resulted as a challenge imposed on the print media in working on a more colorful and alluring appearance in order to break the monotony .

The advent of the Internet is definitely a welcoming thing but the existence of news papers would continue due to the habituated people who thrive on it. But ultimately their importance is equated, as after all they are both modes of mass communication striving to fulfill their purpose in the best possible way.

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