Media Press Release

A media press release is commonly referred to as a media release or news release. It is a form of news release directed towards the media which comprises radio and television stations, magazines, newspapers and online publications. Simply put, a media press release contains something new about your company that you want the media to know. This form of news release is very important because the media has a huge role to play in affecting the attitudes, values and actions of people in any country.

If the media finds your media press release worthy, they will definitely love to disseminate the information to all and sundry concerned. After all, they always go about looking for new things to report, so having a news release sent directly to them is one sure way of spreading your information widely. Because there is also an increasing competition among the media, any one medium will strive to bring out new happenings first so that they can be revered as the first to disseminate news. Send a news release to a media house and you will be sure of getting rapid feedback.

Before sending out a media press release, you must first ascertain whether the interest of your media release and that of that media house coincides. This is because a medium which does not have the interest of your company at heart will fail to propagate the message you want your media release to carry across. Always be sure that you know this before you contact any media house.

You must also familiarize yourself with the extent of coverage that the media house has. Is it local, national or international? Depending on how far you want to reach, you can easily contact the most appropriate media house. For instance, if the message in your media press release is of national concern, then it will be more ideal to choose a national media house and not a local one. Where you want to reach people abroad, an international medium will be preferable. Whatever the case, always make sure that your media release is very interesting.

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