Let Salads Help You Make Healthy Life Style Choices During This Holiday Season

The kids are already counting the days to Christmas and we haven’t even had our Thanksgiving turkey yet. The older I get, the faster the time goes by. The older I get, the bigger my waistline gets especially this time of year. Well that used to true anyway. More details please visit:-https://www.wassenmetgevoel.nl/ https://www.arbredelannee.be/ https://sextoys2day.nl/ https://cafecees.nl/ https://dumbells-kopen.nl/

A little over 2 years ago my doctor suggested that I choose between dying and quitting smoking. I chose to quit smoking and finally got it done on August 17, 2005. Unfortunately I had already contracted extreme emphysema and Copd. While I was busy sulking about my bad luck I put on about 30 pounds almost all of it around my middle. When I finally decided to do something about it, I used extreme Atkins for about 6 weeks to lose the first 10 pounds. Since then I have watched my carbs. I eat a tuna and lettuce salad for lunch almost every day. I am actually starting to like salads and went looking for salad recipes just recently. But my diet still includes most foods, but in moderation. I drink a lot more water and I try to balance my diet more than I did in the past. The overall result is that I now weigh around 185. I would not say that I live a healthy life style. But the improvements in that directions are significant and I am trying. Something about teaching an old dog new tricks… I am heading for 170 to 175 but I am not in a hurry anymore.

You see I was in a catch 22. The only way I could help my breathing problems was with cardio-vascular exe

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