A Writer’s Life – A Realistic Option or a Romantic Notion

Imagine yourself sitting at your desk getting lost in your story as it unfolds, almost as if it has a life of its own. Your characters becoming so real, you feel for them. You see yourself losing track of time, the creativity flowing as you create a new world, another life for others to enjoy. One minute you are sitting at your desk and the next you could be walking the fictitious ancient streets of Rome feeling the sun on your back and listening to the echo of your footsteps on the narrow cobbled street. And for this immense enjoyment and satisfaction you even get paid.

Then of course there is the life style. You can say to yourself I’ll just finish this chapter and I’ll put the washing on – or the cricket, depending on your preferences. Or you can look outside to see the day is warm and bright and decide to go out for the day and make the most of it. After all you can write later when the sun goes down.

But in reality is a writer’s life really like this. Is it more a case of writer’s block with your desk and floor strewn with crumpled bits of paper? Probably not – seeing most work on a computer, but I’m sure you get the idea. Is it a case of receiving rejection after rejection, daytime television, a distinct lack of funds and loneliness?

Of course with every style of life there are ups and downs and no one knows until they try it. Whatever you do you will have good productive days and times when you just can’t get into it. Being a writer, as any form of self employment requires a high level of self motivation. You have to make your own rules and you have to stick to them most of the time.

A writer’s life is often portrayed as dreamy and full of creativity and it certainly can be. If you have ever considered becoming a writer you can be assured of the enjoyment writing promises and of it’s life style, providing you have some kind of routine. Thick skin may be required if your work is not taken by a publisher early on. A writer’s life is a mixture of good and bad, like anything else. But the only way to know if it is for you is to give it a go.


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