Healthcare-The High Tech Way!

Today, technology is evolving at a potent speed. What used to be called science fiction yesterday is now taking the route of becoming the future’s science reality. All of which are bound to influence the balance of the healthcare IT sector immensely. Its ever advancing progress has begun to make its presence noticeable even in the healthcare and medical front. Infusing technology with healthcare started off as a mere ‘trial and error’ basis and today has proved to be so prestigious that it has formed a core of being one of the most sought after combinations, per say.

Without further ado, here are three of the latest technological advances that have taken the healthcare IT management to new heights altogether:

1. Bluetooth Heart Monitors: The fundamental function of a Bluetooth Heart Monitor is that it records an electrocardiogram (ECG) and conveniently transmits the information to the patient’s cell phone. The neat feature of this extravagant device is that it can analyze the ECG signals and target signs of Helium hotspot a possible cardiac failure. Not restricting its magical powers to only this, the device also has the inbuilt potential that requires to be programmed which then based on the grasped data can analyze the condition and contact emergency personnel in the event of the cardiac arrest.

2. Portable Ultrasound Machine: This discovery has brought about a drastic change by reducing the enormous number of invasive operations, which directly results in lowering the complications caused due to these operations. This paradigm has seen a forceful shift from being a machine that occupies the space of a room to a rather commodious device to fit in your hand. This means that now ultrasound can also be easily carried out at home, thanks to the boost in modern medical technology.

3. Endoscopy Pill Camera: The notion behind a miraculous device like this saw its first sprout in 1981, however, its creation saw a pause until recently due to various scientific barriers. The idea behind an endoscopy pill camera is that the patient is required to swallow it after which, the pill sends 3 pictures of the gastrointestinal track per second. This enables the doctor to see into the parts of the small intestine, which as a matter of fact was not accessible before. And so, it’s time to bid adieu to the painful and conventional endoscopy procedure that includes sedation, swallowing of a scope, etc.

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