One Hour Free Play – Good Or Bad?

Play one hour free, and keep whatever you win. Sounds good, and I might even give it a try! One hour of free fun and I am being paid for it. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I am broke, skint, penniless, full of nada. Let’s see what this free hour has in store for me. I’m feeling lucky. Lately I deposited twice and came away a winner, and from a free chip. Could this happen all over again? The only way to find out is to get in there and give it a try. So I did, I got in there. But first things first! Where can I get my hands on this free hour of play? Well my first instinct is usually the right one, and a good online gambling guide is the natural host of desire. So after a thorough and lengthy search, I found one that offers me a wide range of casinos, all boasting the best deal, the best value for money, and all boasting keep whatever you win, followed by bonus terms and conditions which I definitely strongly advise you to read in its entirety, for apart from the free hour, the rest is all but clear to the newbie.

Let’s break this down.

One hour free? Indeed you get to play, a fairly large amount, usually in the region of the thousand, for a full hour on whatever game you wish. Obviously, freechip you are limited to a selection made by the casino, which usually amount to regular slots. Sometimes, other games might be allowed, but these do come tend to come with different playthrough coefficient, meaning that the wagering requirements values may vary for those specific games The clock will start counting from the moment you press the button »start free play« (The play can usually be interrupted, and resumed at any time), triggering thus the timer that will stop after the hour of pure entertainment.

Now that you’ve won, because somehow everybody seems to win, time to get what is mine. Remember, You get to keep whatever you win, up to a maximum of? Well in general, a minimum and a maximum amount are set, that you can request, and here comes the reality check! To transfer to a bonus balance, and not to your real money account as real cash. In effect, the amount won during the free hour, becomes your bonus, for the subsequent deposit of for minimum of … That is correct! In order to take advantage of your great win, you will now have to make a minimum deposit, that won’t be returned to you, but that will be matched by that bonus. Therefore, you can consider that you actually played to determine the value of your bonus, that, it comes without saying, is attached to the regular welcome bonus playthrough attached to it.

For those extremely unlucky that didn’t manage a win. Do not fret. You’ll still have the chance to take advantage of the great welcome bonuses on offer by the casino.

So what is the point of these free hours play? In my humble opinion, they should only be taken in order to try the games. And because of the large amount of free money usually put at your disposal, it really allows you to test quite a few games, albeit within a very short period of time. In terms of cash value, personally I prefer the free money that allows me to get home free with maybe a few more bucks in my pocket. I’m a no deposit bonus advocate myself. To me this is non cashable free money, and the idea that I am playing that free money to establish my bonus doesn’t necessarily appeals to me. More like a waste of time, really. Just give me a good deposit bonus offer and I will deposit. No cutting around the bush. However, if you are not a big depositor, this can be the chance to create yourself a nice initial bank roll. Let’s say You deposit 20, and managed the maximum transferable win of 200 at one casino. That can indeed translate in a very generous welcome bonus.


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