Paulson Poker Chips Review

Paulson poker chips are known in the industry for being the best but if you do any research it’s hard to find out why. Is it because they are a secret company and don’t want anyone to find them? Not likely. From my research which wasn’t too intensive to be honest (mainly because many companies don’t want to give up their source for fear of getting cut out of the deal), I’ve discovered they were bought out by a French company so contacting them from America is a bit more difficult and usually they only deal directly with casinos. History aside, the main reason Paulson’s are popular mainly for collector’s and people who want authentic casino poker chips, is because they are constructed out of clay.

The clay in Paulson poker chips told by my source is not like the clay found in pottery but a form of ceramic but later termed clay, probably because the scientific name is long and complicated and clay sounds cooler in my opinion. Paulson chips are found in many of the major casinos like Aladdin, Bally’s, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Excalibur, Foxwoods, Harrah’s, betgratis Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM, Mirage, New York New York, Paris, Trump Plaza, Venetian, Wynn and the list goes on and on. Being manufactured for these casinos, Paulson poker chips undergo meticulous detail in materials, processes, and quality control. Of course due to the nature of compression during the manufacturing process and clay, one cannot get perfectly similar chips but this is one of the charms of authentic casino style poker chips.

One of the things you’ll notice about a Paulson poker chip is how it feels. This again is due to the material that the chip is composed of. Depending on the size of the inlay (the area on the face of the poker chip where images are placed) plus molds with complicated designs may also effect the feel. The edges of new chips are sometimes sharp so be careful and with constant use will give you a better feel. Notice the weight too, which purists would say is between 9-10 grams, not the heavier weights that many others will claim is authentic. The other comparable chips heavier weight is usually due to the material injected such as metal inserts in the not commonly known “composite” clay chips that try to compete with Paulson.

Paulson poker chips come in many variations of styles and there was even a James Bond edition released which actually was received with mixed reviews. People wonder if it really matters if a chip is a Paulson. Many manufacturers have tried to imitate and so far no one has come close. In the end it comes down to personal preference so feel free to buy other brands which do have some innovative designs. However,if you are in the market for purchasing poker chips and you want an authentic, true to it’s roots casino poker chip, you can’t go wrong with Paulson’s as they are the standard by which all others are compared.


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