The No.1 Thing to Change for Your Health: Your Cookware

What lifestyle change will you make for the sake of being healthy? I am sure anything! Any health enthusiast would know changing lifestyle, eating habits and most importantly, the food you eat plays a key role in maintaining good health. There is one more thing that is often missed out, cookware solution it’s your cookware! Interestingly, choosing the healthiest cookware is the difference between eating toxic food or healthy. non-toxic food.

This choice — your cooking pots and pans — have the potential to affect your food in more ways than you expect. However, these effects aren’t notable immediately, they are mostly long-term and thus hard to quickly realize. Let’s start with the negatives effects of conventional cookware and then understand how important it is to choose the right ones.

Negatives of Conventional Cookware

Most conventional cookware (metals and ceramics) leach metal toxins and chemicals into food. These toxins contaminate food and accumulate in the organs and blood. When you let this continue for too long you will find yourself struggling with health issues ranging from minor illnesses to serious and complicated diseases. As we discussed earlier, these effects take a while to show up, thus you seldom doubt your cookware.

You can test this phenomenon with this simple and reliable home test:

The Alkaline Baking Soda Test:

A healthy and balanced diet contains 80% alkaline foods. If cookware leaches while boiling baking soda in water, it certainly will with food as well. This is the basis of this test, you can find the link to detailed steps at the bottom of this page.

If your cookware fails this test, don’t worry, there is a solution:

Which is the Healthiest Cookware?

Some might suggest you buy cookware with non-toxic coating, but this is not a viable solution as the coatings of glazes and enamels are chemicals, they have their own side effects. It’s like taking a pill for one disease and getting another because of it.

Just by switching to unglazed primary clay (search pure clay) cookware, more info please visit:- you can stop these toxins from affecting your health once and for all. Pure clay is a tested and certified 100% non-toxic material – a gift of nature. You heard it right, it’s not something we make artificially, it is harvested from earth’s surface. In its purest form, it has no chemicals or toxins – all you get is healthy food every time.

Positive Effects of Pure Clay

The continued use of pure clay cookware systematically helps your body cleanse itself of all toxins accumulated previously. People claim to manage diabetes without medication just by switching to this healthy alternative – such is the positive effect of this change on your health.


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