The Story of the Prodigal Son – Repentance and Forgiveness

I believe every Christian has read about the story of the prodigal son who went from being rich to feeding with swine. Jesus mastered the art of using parables to pass his message. For those who don’t know, a parable is a short story or tale designed to convey a moral lesson, a spiritual truth or religious principle. In other words, it is a figure of speech in which fact is shown by an example derived from daily experiences.

Since I already explained what parable means, now let me summarise the Parable of the Prodigal Son as documented in the book of Luke 15:11.

A young man, feeling mature enough to start his own life, demanded to be given his part of the inheritance from his father. Even though his father didn’t want him to leave, 모바일홀덤 he granted him the desires of his heart. His elder brother remained at home, helping his father with the businesses of the house.

When this man went to the city, he made lots of friends because he had a lot of money that his father gave him. Day in day out, he’d waste his money not only on himself, but on all those who befriended him.

One day, however, great famines strike the land. This young man, as spendthrift as he was, soon ran out of cash and all the so-called friends who were so dear to him had now left. He had been used and dumped like garbage.

The guy was finally forced to accept the job of keeping pigs. In fact, according to the people of Israel, the job of a swineherd is one of the most disgraceful jobs as the pig is considered to be defiled according to God’s law.

To make the matter worse, the young man caught himself eating the food that the pigs were eating. He came back to his senses and realised the hopeless situation he was in and decided to go back home and beg his father for forgiveness. He was ready to be treated as a servant should his father decide so.

His father saw him coming and went to meet him. He rejoiced greatly, ordered a well-fed calf to be slaughtered to honour his son as he was lost but was found.


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