Olympic Champions Teach Kids to Skate!

Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwing were an amazing pair. They took the Silver in the USFS Championships and the Bronze for Pairs in the 2010 Olympics. If you ever saw them perform, Apostille NYC it was magic on ice. Really. Here’s a link to a video:

Ladwig/ Evora Short Program

Amanda has retired from competition, but still shares her knowledge and skills with young aspiring students. I live in a town of less than 5,000 people, but we are blessed to have Mark and Amanda with us. Fight Night Champion PC

My 6 year old granddaughter just took up ice skating a few months ago (yeah it’s Florida, right!?!), and she is just knocking the bottom out of it. She has the most amazing coaches ever assembled for public lessons. It’s just totally badass.

All of her coaches (they rotate) are awesome, but Amanda and Mark, well, they just have that extra edge… And they go one step further. Not only do they TEACH, but they INSPIRE them to achieve GREATNESS… in every movement, in every skill. Dubai Web Design Company

These are Olympic Medalists, and you should see them with the kids. It’s really amazing. On the ground helping a brand new 2 year old, checking on the 3 year old that just fell down, High fiving everyone when they complete a skill. Their love for skating is apparent the moment you see them step on the ice. It’s not something they DO, it’s something they ARE!

These coaches are awesome. These kids are awesome. And all they do every single night is give. Of their time, talent, maybe even some soul (both the students and the coaches). It’ll work for you too. This Crazy concept that I have come up with. Really. It does work.

The reason I share this with you tonight, is that in our business, we need to take the same position. Give 100% and then some. Help others attain their dream, and we will exceed 10 times our wildest dreams.

I only figured out the REAL secret to wealth a couple of years ago… Since then my life has become magical. I’m not kidding. The secret is… wait for it…
GIVE and you SHALL receive.

Give first. Give the world a reason to reward you, and the money and graces will come. I listened to a call from Dave and Dave today, and they touched on this, C8 Corvette
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simpleshowing and I hope another leader picks my post up and sends it out. Feel free.

It took me almost 40 years as a human being to realize that no matter what abilities I was able to contribute to the world… I couldn’t GET PAID FIRST. The universe doesn’t work that way. Give FIRST. The rewards are amazing. If you haven’t tried it, it won’t make sense.

But just look at Empower Network. What are D&D doing? They are giving it away. 100% commissions. Think about it. GIVE and you shall RECEIVE… Ask Wood or Sharpe if they would change their business model. You’ll get a “Hell No” and a ” F#$% U”. Why? They know the SECRET that you now know… Give it away. It comes back 10X.

Give it away, and watch what comes back. Now, I’m NOT saying take everything you ever learned and post it online for folks to take at no charge. Ney Ney.

What I am saying is be a giving person. Don’t expect the world to do a thing for you. Just do for others, help where you can, and it will come back.

But the line above will give you more wealth and happiness than you will ever achieve fighting it. It is Natures way. It’s God’s way. Whatever your belief system is, it’s the real SECRET to how things work. And the Empower Network has figured this out. Dave and Dave have this stuff down to a science. And it works Great!


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