Stolen Ideas and Concepts Without Even a Thank You Is a Hard Thing to Forgive I Suppose

You see, not long ago, I had listened to a set of audios titled; “How to Handle Basic Copyright and Trademark Problems” which came from an ABA sanctioned seminar. It was very telling, filled with case law, and horror stories of stolen ideas and concepts. Many had to do with advertising and marketing campaigns, branding ideas and plans, some had to do with art, ideasandmind architecture, and design concepts for products. It was quite telling, and quite an education in the real world, not that I hadn’t had my share of hard knocks in this arena, rather it was fascinating to me how complicated today’s copyright and intellectual property rights laws have become.

The other day, I happened to meet a quite accomplished architect, he’d taught on both coasts, at an Ivy League, and at a top Southern California University, and he’d won all sorts of awards and it seems he’d even been a victim of that old famous quote; “imitation is the highest form of flattery” without compensation for his troubles, presentation, or conceptual ideas. A common story, as old as the human record I presume. I noted to him that in running a think tank, many of our greatest ideas had been hijacked, stolen, lifted, or borrowed, some by design, some by theft, and some right out from under us even after a presentation and meeting.

We both were well aware of how some conduct their affairs in the real world and I later thought to myself that when it comes to Stolen Ideas and Concepts it’s most unfortunate that you rarely even get a nod or thank you or even partial credit for all that cumulative brain power in the spatial reasoning section of your mind. Not everyone appears to be capable of this type of conceptual thinking in pictures and simulated worlds, today more individual can think like this due to the use of 3-D computational tools, surely, but it’s too bad we don’t treat these creative genius minds a little better. ideashackers

Indeed, it is perhaps hard for some to forgive when their ideas are ripped off, I’ve been able to myself, but for this gentleman I met, well he was rather upset, a hard thing for him to forgive. So should he sue? I mean money can sure help one’s piece of mind, and in this case he’s retired now.

His case is relevant, and unfortunate that they took advantage of him in that way, especially after he went all out to present to them some rather nice ideas, renderings, and concepts. Life as a creative genius can be tough I suppose, you have to do it because you love it first, and then hope you don’t get taken advantage of too often. Please consider all this and think on it.


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