Stag and Doe

They go by different names like Stag and Doe, rg3th Buck and Doe, Jack and Jill, or Wedding Social, but they all have something in common–they are all a party to make money for an upcoming bride and groom’s wedding day. Weddings aren’t cheap affairs, so more and more couples are having these types of parties in the hopes of making some money while having a fun time with friends and family.

Stag and Doe parties usually combine both families and the friends from both the bride and the groom. You would sell tickets to the event and then have a cash bar, games and other activities that make you the money. Guests know they are at a fundraiser of sorts, so let the games begin! v9slot

For each game you would charge participants to play. Games like Crazy Jokers, Lock and Key, and Go to Jail are popular games. In Crazy Jokers, a new deck of playing cards is used and each card is taped face down on a board or table. People ‘buy’ a card and then write their name on it. If their card is a joker, 123maxx they win a prize. With Lock and Key you get a prize and lock it in a box. You then get together random keys and each guest can buy a key. If their key opens the box at the end of the night, thetechboy the prize is theirs. Go to Jail involves guests putting other guests in the corner (the jail) for a few minutes. They pay to have their friend go to jail and other guests can pay double as bail to get them out. For this game you can also sell ‘get out of jail’ cards throughout the night that will let captives go free if they hand it in. joker8899z

Other games at Stag and Doe parties are things like silent auctions and 50/50 draws. With a silent auction, you gather prizes (or get them donated by local businesses) and then guests can buy a ticket and enter that ticket into the prize bag of whatever they wish to win. With a 50/50 all you need is a bucket and tickets. People will put money into the bucket, and get a ticket. If their ticket wins at the end of the night, the money is split between them and the bride and groom. ruay88


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