A Batman Costume Or Batman Villains Costume Ideas

Boys Batman and Batman Villain Costume Ideas for Halloween are very popular, king77 and continue to be year after year.

Not all of the Batman or Batman Villain Characters have a Halloween costume, but there are plenty you can buy, and some you can make. So if it’s a Batman related costume your looking for, take a look at our list of possibilities. Why not start right at the top of the list with the Batman Brave and Bold costume. With it’s blue muscle chest jumpsuit and attached headpiece, puss888 a cape,belt and boot covers your son will look just like the protector of Gotham City. For girls, there are Batgirl outfits in blue, black and pink. This is a fun Halloween costume idea for kids, teens, adults both men and women, babies and even dogs! Now that also makes it a wonderful and interesting group costume possibility.

Batman costumes have long been a popular kids Halloween costume, in fact they are also a popular adult Halloween costume. Whether it’s from Brave and Bold, or The Dark Knight with it’s Joker costume, or even one of the older movies…Batman Begins. Returns, Forever, Cat Woman (Catwoman), Return To The Bat Cave, or Batman & Robin, you can’t go wrong with this Halloween costume theme. slot35

Don’t forget the Bat-Villains

Remember the villains of the Bat flicks? Did you know that some these villains actually made the list of the top 100 movie villains? They were all pretty great as evil villain go.Two-Face

Don’t forget Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face in Batman Forever. This bad guy was an awesome bat-villain.
there was the maniacal Scarecrow in Batman Begins played by Cillain Murphy . Very scary…easy costume idea! Well you are in luck if this is your costume choice. There is both a mask and a costume for this bad guy. betflix789

Ra’s al Ghul

Liam Neeson played Ra’s al Ghul (Arabic for “Head of the Demon”) and Ra’s al Ghul is one of the Batman’s greatest enemies. Liam Neeson has the role of Henri Ducard, who is the true Ra’s al Ghul.
This one will require you buy some good Halloween costume make up to design your own burn marks.

The Penguin

One of the oldest and most popular characters who tried to kill our favorite bat hero, the Penguin and Danny DeVito waddling, talking and sounding just like a penguin. This costume will require a penguin suit and some waddling practice if you decide to wear it. The Penguin is one of the best remembered of the Villains. Danny was certainly more than a little scary in this role.


Michelle Phieffer made such a beautiful catwomen, trying to purr her way into the batcave and also making quite the figure in that slinky catwomen suit. I think Michelle squeezed into a size 2 or 4 costume, wonder if that’s why she looked so good in it? There are catwomen costumes available, and also another female Bat-foe, Poisin Ivy costumes too. For more info visit these sites: zodiac888

The Riddler

Jim Carrey as the Riddler was a well cast part. Riddler, with his cool gadgets and costumes, does the old riddler thing…leaves his bat foe riddle clues throughout the movie.

Two-Face in the Dark Knight

The other Two-Face from the Dark Knight will take some doing as a costume. With the extensive burn on his face, it will take finding a good mask. Still scary and yet still a sympathic character.

The Joker

Now for the final two…both The Joker, both wonderful and creative characters. Jack Nicholson as the original funny bad guy who made the batman the superhero he is today. And then we Have Heath Ledger in the role of his life. Heath gave a new dimension of evil to the already beloved-hated Joker character.

Whichever of these great Batman costume ideas you choose you are sure to have one Bat-fun-filled Halloween in your fabulous Batman-themed Halloween costume. See you back at the Bat Cave!


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