Booklet Tips – Top 10 Lists

You’ve probably seen Top 10 Tips lists all over the place. After all, as a tips booklet author, that’s the kind of thing that you’re more likely to spot because you write tips. Beyond being a consumer of those lists, have you ever thought of the many ways you can use a list like that for yourself besides just in an article, ternak303 from the tips in your own booklet?

Here are some ideas to start you thinking about uses for a Top 10 List of your tips, beginning with the obvious one mentioned above.


  1. Article – Use as the basis for a widely distributed article (online or offline) or blog post.
  2. PDF sample – Send to potential large-quantity booklet buyers or as a teaser on your site.
  3. Tee shirts – Create as a saleable product that also promotes your business and expertise.
  4. Free gift – Offer as gift for subscribing to your ezine or for attending your teleclass
  5. Printed – Give as a handout at a speaking engagement or trade show.
  6. Promotion – Stay in touch with former, current, and future clients as a “thinking of you.”
  7. Networking – Provide to colleagues as a reminder of you as a resource for referrals.
  8. Incentive – Present as a thank you for completing a questionnaire/survey.
  9. Bonus – Include when sending invoices or paying bills. tips303
  10. Follow-up – Deliver after a purchase or inquiry was made to stay in touch.


There you have a Top 10 List of basic ideas for you to consider for leveraging your tips. These are certainly examples of doing something once and using it many times. And who doesn’t love that? Some uses are for publicity, promotion, and marketing with the expectation that sales will follow. Others are for direct sales, which also serve as marketing tools.

Like anything else, this list is likely to prompt other things that resonate for you, ways that fit your personality, your business, your clients, and your life. Only you can determine what works best for you. It is not an exhaustive list, any more than a Top 10 List of anything is intended to be. ternakslot100

ACTION – Choose 10 tips from your booklet manuscript that are the most basic tips representing your expertise. The basics make for the ideal starting point for anyone first coming to what you offer. You can, of course, do multiple Top 10 Lists. That lets you “rinse and repeat” whatever you choose to do with your lists on a pre-planned schedule throughout the year. You change things to use a different list each calendar quarter or each month or every other month. A system like that is easy, effortless, and effective once you choose the tips for the various lists. Your booklet sales and sales of your other products and services are likely to soar from such an approach. And think of how little time it takes to do this. Depending on how many tips you have in your booklet (and there is no right answer to that), and how many booklets you have, you’ve now got one of the easiest marketing and product development plans any business could have. kotodama


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